'Vanderpump Rules' star Scheana Shay reacts to Tom Sandoval saying she's capitalizing on Scandoval

Scheana Shay knows it's all happening for "Vanderpump Rules" right now — and she's embracing the moment. Gibson Johns interviews the original "Pump Rules" cast member about on all things Scandoval, her BFF Ariana Madix turning lemons into lemonade, the women of the show taking control of the narrative and how the show might move forward after this season. They also discuss her thoughts on Sandoval saying she's "capitalizing" on the situation, not regretting believing the best in Raquel and Sandoval during filming, her partnership with Smirnoff for Cinco de Mayo and much more.

Video Transcript

GIBSON JOHNS: It really, to me, like, the women of "Vanderpump Rules" kind of taking back some of the reins and taking back some of the power, just in terms of the narrative. And in this interview, Sandoval criticized people, like, capitalizing on it. But I don't really-- one, I view that as being kind of part of the game.



GIBSON JOHNS: Like, that's being part of reality star. You know? And two, it's like--

SCHEANA SHAY: Absolutely.

GIBSON JOHNS: --I think the men on the show have been kind of, they've been given the restaurants and whatever, like, for so long. And now it's the women who are like no, we're going to capitalize on this and we're going to own our voices in this whole situation.

SCHEANA SHAY: For sure. I mean, no one's given anything, though. I will say we all work for it and put out own--

GIBSON JOHNS: No, sorry, I--

SCHEANA SHAY: No, but I just, like-- just to clear up, like, we all work for and put our own money into our business and whatnot.


SCHEANA SHAY: But it does feel good to just have all of this women empowerment going on in our friendship group on the show. You know? This actually has brought some of us closer together. So where there's heartbreak, there's also been some make-ups and new friendships blossoming again that maybe we thought would never. So I just am trying to see all of the positives into something that was so hard.

But to say we're capitalizing on it, you know? It's like our life is our job, our job is our life. They are intertwined. It's very hard to separate. And I guarantee you if I was going through the same thing, they would be doing that as well.