Vanished Jaguar XJ220 Racer Found In Ostrich Shed

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Once abandoned in an ostrich shed after a televised racing series, a Jaguar XJ220 finds new life thanks to Don Law Racing's meticulous restoration.

In an intriguing twist of fate, a Jaguar XJ220, a jewel among sports cars with a production limited to just over 200 units, was unearthed in an ostrich shed, marking an unexpected chapter in its storied existence. Initially deployed to the Fast Masters, a racing series conceived for television, this particular model faced an untimely retirement, relegated to an extended slumber among ostriches at a TWR facility.

The narrative of this XJ220, however, was destined for a revival, courtesy of Don Law Racing. The racing outfit not only salvaged this forgotten racer but also restored it, along with five others, to their former glory. These vehicles, originally designed for high-speed competition, received comprehensive overhauls, transforming them into road-legal masterpieces.