I’ve supported Trump since he came down the escalator. Now, I’m not so sure. | Opinion

Chris Seward/AP

Rethinking Trump

I have supported former President Trump since he first came down the escalator with Melania. However, I am now rethinking that support. Trump needs to bolster other Republicans, not call them childish names, like he does Gov. DeSantis. For Heaven’s sake stop the name-calling. This schoolyard bully behavior is a shame because Trump accomplished so much while president, and could do so much again.

Both Trump and DeSantis are also making a big mistake by opposing continued U.S. aid to Ukraine. If we don’t help Ukraine take back its land, Russia will continue to take over country after country.

Sheila Evans, Charlotte

Biden’s budget

President Biden released his budget proposal for 2024, and Congress should oppose it because it threatens economic growth. The proposal would raise the corporate tax rate to 28%. The likely result would be lower pay for workers, higher prices for consumers, and the cost of capital investments would increase. The bill would also raise the top marginal tax rate to 39.6%, along with other tax hikes. Marginal tax rates could exceed 50% in high-tax states. These tax hikes would make everyone worse off.


Gabriel Russ, Lincolnton

Indict Trump

The district attorneys who have cases against Donald Trump should bring them forward, beginning with the New York DA.

The disgraced president is making threats of releasing his minions on courthouses, just like he did on the Capitol. He has two objectives, to keep his name in the media and to scare these DA’s away from righteous cases.

Why should Trump’s lawyer go to jail for paying off the president’s sexual affair and Trump get off without a scratch? Why should he be allowed to subvert democracy in Georgia, when we all heard the evidence?

These DAs need to bite the bullet and bring these cases. It will be uncomfortable in the short run, but definitely worth it for America.

Benjamin J. Harris, Charlotte

Concealed carry

Regarding “Democrats should vote ‘yes’ on Sen. Tillis’ concealed carry bill,” (March 22 Opinion)

The argument that citizens who have concealed carry permits are among the safest of gun owners because of background checks may be true. You can find statistics to back any argument. But what about the 25 states that have no or minimal background checks? In April 2022, Georgia became the 25th state to enact eliminate permit requirements for concealed carry and the 21st state to do so in the past seven years. With Sen. Thom Tillis’ bill, and Georgia just next door, North Carolina needs fewer guns not more.

Karin Kemp, Matthews

Anti-CRT bill

If North Carolina’s anti-Critical Race Theory bill becomes law, it could remove mentions of Maya Angelou’s prose and poetry or Romare Bearden’s artwork from classrooms. Durham native Pauli Murray’s contributions to our nation’s laws could vanish. According to the bill, the central theme of their lived experiences as Black people is enough to silence their contributions to history and culture.

Rep. John Torbett of Gaston County said learning should be “fun.” Education is not about fun. It is about thinking through complex issues and subjects.

This bill cares little about education. It is about controlling culture and indoctrination, two traits antithetical to democratic education. It’s another political ploy at the expense of all N.C. children — Asian, Black, Latinx, Native American and white.

Adil Khawaja, Charlotte

Blind to racism

Regarding “Learning truths about racial history changes my students,” (March 20 Opinion):

I moved to North Carolina in 1972. My mother was adamantly opposed because “We’re Catholics. The Ku Klux Klan will hurt you.” I said, “Mom, it’s the ‘70s. That’s all over with.”

Though I had Black and white friends, I was entirely blind to the racism all around me. I read “Blood Done Sign My Name” eight or nine years ago. My mother was right. I was stunned, and ashamed.

One of my Black friends says that Trump did us all a favor by bringing the worst racism out into the open where everyone can see it, not just Black people. Everyone should read that book. Everyone.

Maggie Nelson, Monroe


The Chinese Communist Party heavily uses surveillance to control its citizens, and has a long history of doing so. Neighbors report on neighbors, facial recognition is rampant, travel is monitored and regulated, as is the internet and cellphones.

To believe that TikTok is a benevolent enterprise is folly. Most Chinese businesses are state-owned and heavily influenced by the Communist Party. Over 100 million Americans are trusting their personal data to a company that operates with the approval of and under the watchful eye of the Chinese Communist Party.

The average U.S. teenager watching silly videos on TikTok is ill-prepared to understand this. It’s time for our government leaders to dismantle this Trojan horse, before it becomes a national security crisis.

Lee Fluke, Charlotte