Vegas Strip Club Gifts $500K Lifetime Membership to New Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo

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las vegas raiders introduce jimmy garoppolo
Jimmy G Gets Very 'Vegas' Gift After Raiders DealEthan Miller - Getty Images
  • Former New England Patriot and San Francisco 49er Jimmy Garoppolo, or Jimmy G, just signed with the Las Vegas Raiders.

  • To celebrate, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club offered a unique thank-you gift.

  • Jimmy G now has a lifetime platinum VIP membership to the club, valued at $500,000.

Sports teams can be important for a community. Their rise and fall can shape a city's mood. Their iconography can become both fashion statement and personal branding. Their players can be exalted, revered, and treated with the same pomp and circumstances as the Homeric heroes of Ancient Greece. A city wants to celebrate its heroes.

So it's only fitting that, when football star Jimmy Garoppolo recently signed his new contract to be the new quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders, the denizens of Las Vegas found a gift to thank Garoppolo in just about the most Las Vegas way possible.

On Monday, Las Vegas Locally reported that the venerated Vegas institution Larry Flynt's Hustler Club "...has offered a lifetime platinum VIP membership to new Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, valued at $500,000." They also note that "Hustler Club is within walking distance of Allegiant Stadium," where Garoppolo will now be playing.

woody harrelson and courtney love in 'the people vs larry flynt'
We’re not going to look up pictures of the Hustler Club on our work computer, so here’s a safe-for-work image of Woody Harrelson playing the founder of Hustler in the 1996 film The People vs. Larry Flynt instead.Columbia Pictures - Getty Images

Of course, it's not as though Garoppolo couldn't afford the $500,000 membership on his own. Jimmy G, who was previously with the New England Patriots from 2014-2017 and then the San Francisco 49ers from 2017-2022, recently signed a three-year contract with the Las Vegas Raiders (who were previously in the city of Oakland, then Los Angeles, then Oakland again, before settling in Vegas), to the tune of $72.5 million. With that in mind, $500,000 is just a drop in the bucket, or in this case, a handful of singles flung at a dimly-lit stage.

Of course, the folks at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club can probably afford to just give away $500,000 willy-nilly. After all, they are in possession of a one-of-a-kind work of art. Lest we forget, in 2013, celebrated street artist Banksy decided to make New York's Hustler Club the Moulin Rouge to his Toulouse-Lautrec by painting their door with one of his unique artworks.

So, listen up, Jimmy G: If you do get caught going to the strip club, you can just say you thought it was an art gallery. Simple mistake.

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