Verstappen addresses father’s comments and Mercedes links

Max Verstappen did not fully endorse his father’s recent comments about Christian Horner and Red Bull, but says he can never rule out a future move to Mercedes, amid ongoing turmoil within his current team.

Jos Verstappen called for Horner to be removed as team principal earlier this week following a recent investigation into his behavior, claiming the team “will explode” if Horner remains in his role. When the comments were put to the triple world champion, Verstappen appeared to disagree with them but also hinted he tends to side with his father’s views.

“I don’t know (if the team will explode). I hope not!” Verstappen said. “It shouldn’t be. It’s a strong company, it’s a strong team, a lot of strong team members, so normally not.


“I guess he clearly felt like that. But I think from my side, it doesn’t matter, being on one side or the other side. Of course, as a son of my dad, it would be weird to be on a different side, but from my side, I just want to focus on the performance side of things. I just want to have less talk of what we are doing as a team outside of the track than the actual performance, which at the moment I think is, again, we have a great car, and we are looking forward to a great year.”

Jos is not attending the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix this weekend but the younger Verstappen says he believes the situation can be resolved between his father and Horner.

“I was with him until yesterday, so this morning, basically. I mean, we speak all the time, we’re a team. It’s me, my dad and Raymond [Vermeulen, manager] altogether. And that will always be like that, too.