Verstappen says latest spat between father, Horner ‘could have been avoided’

Max Verstappen says the rekindling of the animosity between his father Jos and team principal Christian Horner at the Austrian Grand Prix could have been avoided.

Jos Verstappen claimed before the race weekend that Horner had vetoed his planned appearance during a Red Bull legends parade in an old Formula 1 car that had been instigated by the race organizers, something Horner denied on Friday. However, after winning the Sprint, Verstappen Jr suggested there had been a different version of events and that he’s not happy that the two are again at odds after plenty of disputes earlier this year when Horner was accused of inappropriate behavior towards a colleague.

“Naturally of course it’s not nice, I think not for myself, not for my dad, not for Christian, not for the team,” Verstappen said. “Of course you don’t want these things to happen. I think my dad has been quite clear about the reason behind it, and of course I can understand his opinion on that, because at the end of the day, he gets asked to drive the car, finds out that he’s not wanted to drive the car while my dad, he actually doesn’t care about driving the car, but he got asked and said ‘Please do it for the fans, Dutch fans, blah blah blah…’


“Red Bull, we have a great relationship with, home track. So I understand. On the other hand, I’m here to focus on the performance side of things, so I want a good relationship with everyone. But of course this scenario could have been avoided.”

Jos Verstappen had claimed Red Bull would “explode” if Horner remained in charge earlier this year amid the investigation into the team principal’s behavior, but the Dutchman’s lack of presence at a number of races recently had seen a calming of the situation.

On Friday, Horner had denied that he had intervened when he had learned that Verstappen Sr was set to take part in the display in a Red Bull on Saturday and Sunday.

“Look, I’ve been made aware that,” Horner said. “The legends parade is something that is organized by the circuit. There was no veto from my side or anything like that. And I’m sure the legends will be in action later.”

Story originally appeared on Racer