Video: Cadillac Crash at WEC 6 Hours of Spa Set Stage for Sprint Finish

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Cadillac Crash Leads to Sprint Finish at WEC SpaFIA World Endurance Championship / YouTube

With one hour and 47 minutes remaining in Saturday's World Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Spa, No. 2 Cadillac, piloted by Earl Bamber, went flying after colliding with the No. 31 WRT BMW of Sean Gelael.

Bamber was trying to move past the LMGT3 car to set himself up to pass the No. 99 Proton Porsche, driven by Neel Jani, when he misjudged the space in front of him and contact between the Hypercar and the LMGT3 BMW sent Bamber through the air. The Cadillac bounced off the fence before returning to the racing surface collecting Gelael.

Bamber was utilizing the slipstream off of the No. 99 before moving out and into the racing line of Gelael. When Bamber returned to the racing surface, he collected Gelael, tearing apart both vehicles and leaving twisted metal and further debris across the straightaway.


Both drivers were reported to be okay at the time of the red flag.

"I think it could've been a lot worse," Galael told Eurosport. "I think I'm quite lucky. I don't think I need to say anything. I think you guys saw. I was just in the middle, and the two guys were fighting in front, and they misjudged. Sometimes a misjudgment can lead to bigger things."

This was the second big crash in the Hypercar class. Around the two-hour mark, the No. 5 Penske Porsche was sent flying after being hitting and riding the curb.

It seemed that the race would end under this red flag as the clock wound down below 20 minutes. Per WEC regulations, the drivers and teams were given a 15-minute warning before returning to work on their cars. That was followed by tire warmups and caution laps.

The WEC decided that due to the weather and to serve the race and the fans that showed up, they would reset the clock to the time of the accident and restart with 1:47:30 remaining.

This is the second year in a a row where the Cadillac team has suffered from a massive crash at Spa.