Video: This Is What A Gas Station Explosion Looks Like

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Video: This Is What A Gas Station Explosion Looks Like
Video: This Is What A Gas Station Explosion Looks Like

Everyone has seen gas station explosions in Hollywood movies or TV shows. But let’s face it, those scenes are pure fantasy aided either by CGI or pyrotechnics. If you’re wondering what the real thing looks like, a video out of somewhere in the Middle East shows just such an event unfold.

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While the whole gas station doesn’t go up in a huge fireball, there are pillars of fire which are plenty scary. They’re contained to one section of the station, where the storage tank sits, which fortunately isn’t right where the pumps and all the people are.


After the fire jets, the ground in that section upheaves in a surreal scene. That’s equally as scary and we can only imagine what would’ve happened if someone had been walking or driving through there at the time of the explosion.

As debris comes tumbling down and dust mixes with smoke, the people at the gas pumps panic. Some of them run away on foot. Others hurriedly get in their car and start it. One guy drives off with the gas pump nozzle still in his car, the hose detaching as he takes off.

But two cars were just left at the pumps, the owners clearly thinking their lives were worth more than rescuing their rides. We can’t disagree with that instinct, especially when it comes to some crappy Hyundai.

A quick internet search turns up story after story of gas station explosions around the world in the past few years. Many of them were mass casualty events, including one in Mexico where 91 people died.

The fact this gas station didn’t have any apparent deaths or injuries is nothing short of a miracle. Still, what a scary situation to see unfold firsthand.

Image via வணக்கம் மக்கள்/YouTube