This Video of a Subaru WRX Sliding Into a Plow Is a Terrifying Reminder to Be Careful in the Snow

a car on a road with snow on the side
WRX Hitting Plow Is a Scary Reminder to Drive SafeNYS DOT

When road conditions are rough, it's important to remember to take a breath, maintain your composure, and just drive as safely as possible so you can get where you're going in one piece. Even if you have all-wheel drive, snow tires, and all the confidence in the world. One Subaru driver learned that lesson the hard way.

A video posted to X (formerly Twitter) by the New York State Department of Transportation on Thursday shows an impatient Subaru WRX driver attempting to overtake a tractor-trailer on a snow-packed, undivided, two-lane road. After the WRX snuck out to make the ambitious pass, the sports sedan was struck by an oncoming snowplow as the driver attempted to slide back into their rightful lane of traffic.

The crash looks pretty gnarly. But, somehow, no one was injured in the crash, the DOT says.


It's unclear when or where this incident occurred. Chances are, considering the agency sharing the video and the recent weather the region has had, it occurred somewhere in New York State recently. The DOT did not immediately respond to Road & Track's request for additional information.

Getting stuck behind a tractor-trailer sucks. Especially if you're getting hit with their snow spray and road dirt. But no matter how good your winter driving skills are, just take it easy out there. A situation like this isn't worth it.

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