Video: Tesla Cybertruck Handles Flood Waters Admirably, Barely Breaks

cybertruck wade test
Cybertruck Handles Flood Waters, Barely BreaksTechRax / YouTube

In 2022, Elon Musk claimed seemingly out of nowhere that the Cybertruck could "serve briefly as a boat." That particular feature has not been advertised on the final production truck, but the Cybertrucks reaching customer hands do have a wade mode that temporarily pressurizes the battery and raises ride height to allow for slightly more effective driving in high waters. An owner has finally tested the feature on video, and the results are impressive until they show what happens to the truck afterward.

In a clip from YouTuber TechRax, a Cybertruck owner takes the truck through increasingly deeper waters to see how the wading feature handles them. In the first test, the truck easily drives over relatively shallow water without any of that water reaching the main bodywork. Further tests in deeper water up to the truck's bumper are slower and more difficult, but the truck's massive and ungainly shape pushes water out of the way and the truck is able to complete the crossing in two to three feet of water as advertised.