Vin Diesel Shows Off 3 Familiar Muscle Cars For 'Fast X Part 2' Filming On Instagram

Photo: Manuel Velasquez (Getty Images)
Photo: Manuel Velasquez (Getty Images)

There seem to be few things in the world that Vin Diesel loves more than the “Fast and Furious” franchise, and he’s a big fan of sharing that love with fans. Most recently, this has meant posting Instagram videos behind the scenes of “Fast X Part 2,” showing off all the cars that will be arriving — or returning — to the series.

This started months ago, with the reveal that the original Supra was coming back, but a new video from Diesel shows yet more cars showing up. This time, however, there’s a certain Toretto flavor to the haul.

Diesel’s video largely focuses on a car carrier with three Mopar products: A modern Challenger, a classic ’Cuda, and a Road Runner. Interestingly, the Challenger appears very similar in its design to Dom’s SRT8 from the intro to “Fast and Furious 6" — the gray rear fenders, the multi-piece wheels with black spokes and silver rims. The original SRT8 lacked this new car’s HEMI badging down the side, but the similarity seems more than coincidental. An intentional callback, at least.


Then we get the Barracuda, a car we haven’t seen since “Furious 7.” Here, again, the car from the Instagram video looks very similar to that last appearance — when Letty drove the Plymouth in the still-somehow-not-renamed Race Wars in an attempt to jog her amnesia-riddled memory. This is clearly the same generation ’Cuda as that car, same colors and decals, but it’s not quite clear whether the wheels are exact from Diesel’s video.

The last car on the trailer, oddly, appears to be Dom’s Plymouth GTX — the 5,000-horsepower car he drove when he was briefly evil for some of “Fate of the Furious.” This is the most surprising return of the bunch, given that the Plymouth was a specific and intentional departure from Dom’s usual Dodge fare to show how far to the dark side he’d fallen. I’m surprised he kept it around.

Off the trailer, we can see a few more cars hanging around. There’s a 370Z just to Diesel’s left as he films, and what appears to be the classic Dad Remembrance Charger behind that. Past the Charger, there’s some black station wagon or hatchback, but it’s unclear what exactly it is — or, even, if it’s here to be filmed at all. That could be the car Diesel is taking to go get lunch.

Diesel’s last Instagram clip showed the return of some historic “Fast” vehicles, and the new video shows that vehicles from more recent movies may be returning. With Fast X Part 2 set to wrap up the series, we may be getting some flashbacks to those prior entries — or just discovering the secret Toretto garage where all the cars accumulated over the last ten movies have been hanging out.

It also remains to be seen whether “Fast X Part 2" can be as good a car movie as “Tokyo Drift,” or whether Andy will be able to guess the plot from the cover. He’s had a pretty good track record with it, honestly.

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