Vintage BMW Driver Somehow Walks Away From Massive Rollover Crash at the Nürburgring

bmw crash at nurburgring
Driver Walks Away From Massive Nürburgring CrashAuto Addiction - YouTube

The driver of an E30-generation BMW 3-Series race car somehow walked away after crashing and rolling multiple times at one of the fastest sections of the Nürburgring.

The crash occurred on Thursday during a qualifying session for the Nürburgring 24-hour classic race. The #440 BMW came over the crest at Schwedenkreuz—one of the fastest corners on the Nordschleife—and lost control, slamming into the left-side guard rail at high speed, sending the car into the air, where it bounced and rolled three times, before landing right-side up.

Footage from the crash cuts to emergency vehicles on the scene, where the driver can be seen standing and chatting with first responders. The wreckage shows an E30 that's totally destroyed save for the roll cage's safety cell inside the passenger compartment, which is intact. We're sure that cage, alongside modern restraint systems and a halo-equipped seat, helped to protect the driver.


Still, we can't help but wonder why the car didn't have a window net installed. During the crash we can see the driver's left hand and a portion of their helmet stick out of the window frame, opening up the possibility for serious injury. It's unclear whether the car was equipped with a window net and it simply disconnected mid-crash, or if it didn't have one at all. Either way, we highly suggest running one whenever you're in a car without windows.

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