Vintage Chevy Wears Sheet Metal Like A Million Bucks

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Every detail of this car was planned.

The 1930s were a great time for the Chevrolet automotive corporation that we all know in love. Everything from pick up trucks to road going to sedans were produced by the golden bowtie and Minnie today still remembers the cars as having lovely icons from their time. Understandably, this has led to many enthusiasts restoring the old cars or keeping them in pristine condition throughout their entire lives. However, it’s unlikely that anyone else has spent as much time or money fixing up their old Chevy as this man.

That’s because about 10,000 man hours went into building the car from scratch piece by piece. It’s got a small block V8, that makes around 400 hp, incredibly well tuned suspension, and a pretty beautiful looking body. All together, the bill totals about $1 million which is sort of a hard number to swallow even when you understand how much classic car building can you cost. Recently, it was covered by Sean from AutotopiaLA because the owner has got something special planned for the car.

That is to unveil the vehicle to the first for the first time to the global automotive industry sometime this year. Now it’s starting to make sense why they put so much effort into building the automobile, it’s a statement of sorts. Most of the hard work and money went toward filling out minor details like reshaping the original sheet metal and chopping the roof by about five or six inches. As these things always go, The car is currently in its most raw state as a fully functioning automobile without its coat of paint covering the work that has been done.

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