Vintage Footage Shows VW Car/Trailer Hybrid

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The best friend of the Volkswagen Beetle…

Back in the day, the term 'hybrid' meant something very different from the electric/gas powered automobiles we see today. In fact, there was once a type of trailer that connected to all sorts of little cars. They called it the Gooseneck and it was a lot more than just some box with wheels responsible for holding materials. So what exactly was it used to carry and why would anyone put a Volkswagen under it?

In the video we see here, the production team have seemingly attached a living trailer to the roof of a Volkswagen Beetle. This was a car whose name was made for being incredibly small and the perfect economy car for people with the need for accessible transportation. So, as such, those same people wanted to use their cars for all sorts of fun activities. If you can believe it, drivers fell in love with the way the rear-engine car looked and handled driving them to do some really crazy stuff with the platform.

That’s exactly where the Gooseneck comes into the picture with one feature that other trailers simply couldn’t compete with. Connected to the roof, the trailer swivels around the automobile allowing for greater movement capabilities. Plus, the inside was apparently big enough for a small family to fit comfortably and have a big breakfast. All of these things made the trailer a pretty cool product in its time and maybe we’ll even see it’s revival in popularity sometime soon.

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