Viper Face Plants Into Pole

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When you’ve got the car, but not the skill…

For some of us automotive enthusiasts, the vast hijinx of the Fast & Furious franchise depicting Hollywood's definition of "street racing" can be tantalizing. The film industry has heavily glorified the thought of blasting down the road at triple-digit speeds from a redlight or down a mountain road. However, people have forgotten the significant risk of the action for the racer and innocent bystanders. If you're going to try and take your competitive spirit off the track and onto public roads, you should understand the risk at hand. So here's one example of just how dangerous street racing can be.


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At first, the situation seemed laughable as a second-generation Dodge Viper pulled up next to an Acura Integra. However, on-lookers rejoiced at the chance to see a race between two automotive legends known for very different attributes. The Integra has been the weapon of choice for tuners since the '90s for its ability to make a lot of power with only a minimal amount of work. On the other hand, the Viper found its fame upon its birth as it boasted an 8.0-liter V10, six-speed manual, and a tiny body. While it seems that this would make the Viper the perfect car for this kind of race, it was known for being notoriously hard to control, resulting in many crashes.

This particular Viper comes into the picture as it appears to have been from the second generation, which sported about 415-450 horsepower. Of course, that's a lot of power for a car that weighs under 3000 lbs which is probably why the owner immediately lost control after beating the Integra in a head-to-head race from a dig. This resulted in a significant faceplant into a nearby pole, causing the front fascia's forceful un-installment. Luckily the driver was not harmed, but there was real potential for a gruesome scene. The lesson here is quite simple. If you're racing a fellow enthusiast, keep it on the track.

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