Viper Puts Some Serious Power To The Ground

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Stock Vipers bite with how much power?

The Dodge Viper has been one of the coolest cars to hit the American automotive scene since the 1990s. Definitely, it was one of the greatest super cars available and it’s prime and it’s probably the most iconic example to ever come out of the beautiful United States of America. It embodies everything that we love as muscle cars and sports car enthusiasts wrapped up in a tight package that will leave you shaking if you don’t know what you’re doing. In the past, these Vipers have been pretty insane but the most recent generation has got to be one of the fastest examples out there.


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That was the exact thought process that the Hoonigan team took we’re looking at this beautiful Viper. The exterior has been kept in great shape for however long it’s been running and it looks pretty much brand new. However, that’s not the only thing that appears to be pretty completely stock. In fact, there aren’t that many modifications done to the engine, transmission, rear end, You name it. So an interesting opportunity presented itself, finding out how much power one of these cars makes with little modifications.

To be fair, the car had an aftermarket exhaust and a tune so it wasn’t exactly like buying one of these cars is brand new from Dodge. However, it is a Dodge Viper GTS, the brand's signature Viper for Formans package. All of a sudden, the Viper ran the exact same number, 549 hp, twice in a row which means a lot more than one run of a higher figure. Basically, the car is putting out reliable high horsepower numbers which means a lot, especially in racing situations. Overall, this is probably a pretty intense track beast.

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