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TikTok-approved beauty products from Amazon that will make you look awake and polished on no-makeup days

TikTok-approved beauty products from Amazon that will make you look awake and polished on no-makeup days

Listen — we love the natural, no-makeup look just as much as the next person, but we also like looking put-together and presentable.

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Thankfully, there are plenty of low-maintenance products out there that are TikTok-approved and in stock on Amazon, making them the perfect way to look vibrant and alive with the absolute minimum amount of effort. Keep scrolling to shop the six beauty favorites we reach for on chill days that are all under $30.

As almost all of SkinTok can attest, the Glow Recipe Dew Drops will leave your face feeling just as moist and hydrated as a juicy piece of fruit
$30 at Amazon

TikTok user @careclarkbsn raves, “My skin looks, smells and feels like I just ate 20 watermelons… the light is bouncing off my skin.”

The serum’s star ingredient is the truly incredible vitamin and antioxidant niacinamide, which evens out hyperpigmentation while also minimizing pores and strengthening the skin barrier. On days you are wearing makeup, mix a few drops into your fave foundation to get a totally natural look.

TikTok just rediscovered the Maybelline Eraser, and we’re loving it right along with everyone else.
$9 at Amazon

Use this concealer to instantly brighten under-eye circles and soothe puffiness. No matter how much sleep you got (or missed), you’ll look luminous and refreshed. It comes in 18 different shades, all with the pink undertones that are so trendy right now. According to TikToker @macy_renee16, “This stuff is literally amazing. Just look how much it freakin’ brightens your under-eye. You don’t even need to add concealer on top.”

If you’re blessed with oily, glowy skin, the Revlon Volcanic Roller is an absolute must-have.
$8 at Amazon

To use this roller ball design, simply give it a quick swipe across your T-zone and other shiny spots, and voila: a magically matte complexion. The roller is made of actual volcanic stone, which has special oil-absorbing properties (who knew?). It’s also super lightweight, so stash it in your bag and use it whenever you feel yourself getting a little too shiny. We love it as a more eco-friendly option than single-use blotting papers. As TikTok user @dareadanielle says, “I have no words, except—if you have oily skin, you need this. It’s a yes for me!”

Skip the sun and give your skin a healthy, natural glow with the L’Oréal lotion that’s all over TikTok right now.
$13 at Amazon

This face product is packed with glycerin and shea butter to keep your face and body nourished throughout the entire day. TikTok user @mandynotmoore is one of the Glotion’s many fans, saying it “definitely feels like a lotion and not like makeup. It feels very hydrating… and on top of that, I’m glowing.”

It’s a serum! But it’s also a concealer!
$11 at Amazon

We’re suckers for a good two-in-one situation, and the viral Bare With Me is one of our current favorites. Use it to soothe and smooth acne, dark circles, dry spots, redness and any other type of irritation. TikToker @thegirlwithmonolids calls it “the best concealer ever… Since it’s a serum, it’s more liquid-y, meaning it’s great for people with dry skin.” A single pump is truly all you need — Bare With Me will give you great coverage while still looking natural and feeling incredibly light.

Fans of gel moisturizers will love this trendy K-beauty product.
$26 at Amazon

This moisturizer is full of cherry blossom extract and niacinamide to give that covetable glass skin look, along with betaine and glycerin for maximum hydration. On days you do decide to wear makeup, the moisturizer also works great as a primer. TikTok user @sunny.tsao says, “It’s so lightweight and bouncy. It’s lovely, and it doesn’t feel like a moisturizer at all on your hands. It also looks so glowy.” Added bonus — the Jeju cherry blossom extract makes the jelly cream smell absolutely amazing.


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