Viral TikTok Video Shows How Complicated It Is To Jumpstart A Dead Tesla Model S

A Tesla Model 3 getting hoisted onto a tow truck in London
A Tesla Model 3 getting hoisted onto a tow truck in London

An illegally-parked and clamped Tesla car is lifted up on to a towing lorry in Victoria, on 20th October 2023, in London, England.

With a traditional internal combustion car a dead battery is a simple fix, but when a Tesla Model S has a dead main battery, many challenges arise. The Model S’ door handles are power operated, so they won’t function without power and you won’t be able to get into your car to pop the hood. You’ve got to get creative with it — and one viral TikTok video is laying out just what a complicated process that is.

The hood/ front trunk latch release requires power to operate, so a dead battery means you’ll have to find an alternative way to access the underhood area to jumpstart the car. This video illustrates Tesla’s recommended course of action “in the unlikely event that your Tesla has no low voltage power.” Here is the Tesla Model S owners manual where the process is outlined.


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Thankfully, I have never run out of gas or ended up with a dead battery, but I have helped other people whose batteries have died. In an ICE car it’s so simple to jumpstart and move on, but this wildly convoluted procedure to even be able to get into the interior of your car when the battery dies seems unsafe, unintelligent, and infuriating. Tesla owners beware, don’t let your car run out of battery or you’re gonna face a series of hoops to jump through to get back on the road.

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