Viral video shows Tesla trolling competitor with ‘awesome’ stunt: ‘Whatever their reason … it’s attracting attention’

Despite the Cybertruck not having been delivered to customers yet, it seems Tesla is already having a lot of fun with the models it’s testing on the roads.

A Cybertruck with a wrap job to make it look like a Ford F-150 Lightning has already been spotted out and about, but now another competitor is being trolled by Tesla.

In a post on, one user revealed footage of a Cybertruck wrapped up to look like a Toyota Tundra.

Since the Tundra is a hybrid pickup, it’s not exactly a direct competitor for the all-electric Cybertruck. However, it still inhabits the low-pollution-vehicle space, so it’s not so surprising Tesla has made a small jab in its direction.


But Tesla may have its sights set on the pickup truck market as a whole, regardless of whether or not a vehicle is powered by dirty fuel.

A crowdsourced reservation document lists more than 1.9 million reported preorders of the Cybertruck, so it has the hype and customer attention needed to make real inroads in the larger pickup truck market.

The wrap job seems to be getting some mixed responses from potential EV customers. One user commenting on the Cybertruck-Tundra mashup on Electrek’s site said: “As childish as this is, it is absolutely awesome. Whatever their reason for doing this, it’s attracting attention.”

But another wasn’t quite so convinced. “This is too dumb,” they said. “Frankly, it seems like an attempt to attract attention that has crossed over into desperation.”

It’s not just in the wrap job that the Cybertruck is getting contrasting reviews. Even when it’s in its true form, it hasn’t escaped both criticism and praise for its unconventional looks.

But if it delivers on its promises when it finally reaches its many expected customers (perhaps as early as September), the question of its appearance might fade into the background.

After all, Tesla says the Cybertruck can reach 60 miles per hour from a standing position in just 2.9 seconds and boasts a 3,500-pound payload capacity.

Furthermore, the company indicates that the Cybertruck can cover a distance of 500 miles on a single charge, which would be unprecedented for a vehicle of its size and power.

For customers looking to purchase a powerful pickup that produces zero planet-harming tailpipe pollution, the Cybertruck might soon corner the market.

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