Volcon Grunt is an electric motorcycle you can ride underwater

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The number of companies preparing to fight for a slice of the burgeoning electric off-roader segment grows on a regular basis, but Texas-based Volcon thinks it has what it takes to stand out. It unveiled a battery-powered motorcycle named Grunt with about 100 miles of range and the ability to operate under water.

Although it wasn't designed as a submarine, the Grunt is powered by a drivertain that's IP67-rated, which means it can spend up to 30 minutes under roughly 40 inches of water without sustaining damage. It's not going to help divers explore wrecked ships on the ocean floor, but it can theoretically ford rivers with ease. Once it's out of the water, its fat tires and its 12 inches of ground clearance allow it to tackle a wide variety of terrains.


Volcon quotes a six-second sprint from zero to 60 mph, which is also the Grunt's top speed, thanks in part to an electric motor that develops 50 horsepower and 75 pound-feet of torque. All we know about the battery pack is that it holds enough electricity for up to 100 miles of riding, and it can be swapped in a matter of minutes with simple tools. Recharging it takes two hours when the Grunt is plugged into a regular household outlet.

Product development is currently underway; the motorcycle shown in the gallery above is a pre-production prototype. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in spring 2021, and pricing starts at $5,995. Volcon is based in Round Rock, Texas, as of October 2020, but it's actively looking for a permanent home on the outskirts of Austin. It plans to manufacture motorcycles in the new facility, and it will later expand its range with a pair of side-by-sides named Stag and Beast, respectively. The former seats two, while the latter comes with four seats.

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