Volkswagen Delays The ID 7’s U.S. Launch Even Though It’s In High Demand And Winning Awards In Europe

Image: Volkswagen
Image: Volkswagen

Earlier this year, when the realities of the EV market first started to affect automakers, VW seemed steadfast on its plan to release some 25 new EVs in North America in the next six years. Those plans may be changing however with a recent announcement.

VW announced Wednesdaythat it is delaying the launch of the ID 7 sedan for North America. In the release, VW acknowledged that the current state of the market is essentially the reason for this delay. “As market dynamics continue to change, Volkswagen is delaying the introduction of the ID 7 sedan in the U.S. and Canada.”

The automaker also mentioned that ID 7 sales remain strongest in Europe where it’s been on sale since 2023. Despite this delay, overall sales remained strong in the first quarter of this year and should remain strong with new products coming.


In North America, the brand experienced strong sales in Q1, with 27.5% growth, driven by its SUV segment. We remain committed to electric mobility—this year we have enhanced the range and performance on our all-electric 2024 ID.4 SUV, and we are thrilled to welcome the iconic Microbus back into our lineup with the arrival of the 2025 ID. Buzz in Q4.

While VW sales were up in Q1, the ID 4 wasn’t. ID 4 sales were down 31 percent compared to Q1 2023. Some 9,758 were sold vs. 6,167 in Q1 2024. VW also didn’t mention when the ID 7 would be coming to North America or how long this delay would be, so I reached out to the automaker for a comment. A spokesperson told me that there is no date right now of when the ID 7 will launch in North America. However European and Chinese market deliveries will continue.

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