Volkswagen EVs Can Now Power Your House For Two Days (Update)

Image: Volkswagen
Image: Volkswagen

Experts have said that one of the ways to speed up EV adoption is for them to support bidirectional charging. The ability for owners to power their house off their car or from the grid is vital. Just nine EVs on the market currently support bidirectional charging, but now VW has announced that its electric ID models will support the technology.

The company says that “bidirectional charging will transform electric cars into rolling energy storage units in the future.” It’ll come with some caveats though, the first of which is that only ID models equipped with the larger 82-kWh battery packs can do it. (The entry-level ID 4 uses a 62-kWh battery pack.) The tech also requires VW’s latest update called Software 3.5. If both of those are equipped, owners will be good to go.

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Update: VW got back to us about whether or not the automaker would offer this tech in the U.S. It looks as if it won’t be coming to ID models here in the U.S. with the rep saying that this technology is a Europe only release.

“We don’t have any plans to do this in the US in the immediate future.”

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