Volkswagen Is Making a Small EV for Europe Priced at Around $21,000

Photo:  Volkswagen
Photo: Volkswagen

Volkswagen is developing a small EV dubbed the ID.1 to join its ID family of EVs, and the tiny car will be roughly the size of the current Volkswagen Polo. The ID.1will follow the example set by the Polo as a truly small and affordable vehicle, with VW confirming plans to price the ID.1 below €20,000, or just over $21,000 at current exchange rates.

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The Volkswagen ID.1 will slot under the ID.3 — whose production is ongoing —as the smallest electric vehicle made by the Volkswagen group, according to Autocar. It will also be smaller than the upcoming ID.2all despite both cars sharing the same MEB Entry platform, which is a shortened version of the MEB platform used by the ID.3. This will reportedly make the ID.1 nearly four inches shorter than its bigger brother currently in production. The ID.1 could debut as a small hatchback like the Polo, while the ID.2 will be a slightly larger crossover.

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Since the ID.1's platform is a modified version of the ID.3's, the performance and specifications are likely to be similar. And that means the ID.1 could have a 58 kWh battery, and a range hovering around 250 miles. Autocar adds that the ID.1 might be able to go from 0-60 miles per hour in under seven seconds.

Photo:  Volkswagen
Photo: Volkswagen

The MEB Entry platform will also be used to make the Volkswagen ID.1's cousins for Cupra and Škoda, though each carmaker will give their respective versions their own spin: Škoda’s will likely be a practical crossover; Cupra’s could be all about speed; and the VW ID.1 is being touted as an EV for all — in keeping with the brand’s ethos of affordable cars.

The high cost of EVs is one of the most persistent issues buyers face, but cost is also proving an issue for the carmaker, which says it’s been difficult to get the ID.1 to its target price point under €20,000. Autocar cites Volkswagen brand boss, Thomas Schäfer, who says, “it’s not an easy game at all,” and goes on:

“Now we can do a lot in terms of economies of scale. Within our volume brand group, we’re producing four vehicles along with Cupra and Skoda. That volume will help us to bring prices down to be competitive and also still make money.”

The ID.2 will reportedly not have the same issue as VW is targeting a €25,000 price point, or just over $26,000 at current exchange rates. Still, those two price ranges will be more appealing to young buyers than what’s currently available.

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