Volvo prices its entry-level 2025 EX30 EV

Volvo announced Tuesday that it kept its promise to launch its new entry-level 2025 EX30 EV with an MSRP of $34,950 ($36,245 after Volvo's now-$1,295 destination fee). On top of that, we now have full pricing for the EX30 range, from the Core on up to the twin-motor Ultra. Just how reasonably priced is this new premium compact electric crossover? Well, every trim's MSRP starts below the current average transaction price for a new vehicle in the United States — and note we didn't say "electric" there.

The EX30 is offered in two powertrain variants, each with its own trim structure. The Single Motor Extended Range is offered in Core, Plus and Ultra trims. Meanwhile, the Twin Motor Performance is offered in just two: Plus and Ultra. The configuration names give it away, but if frugality is your game, the 275-mile Single Motor Extended Range is for you; if you want to hit 60 in just 3.4 seconds at the expense of range, then the Twin Motor Performance is what you're after. It'll cost you, of course; the jump from a Single Motor Core to a Twin Motor Plus is $9,950 — one heck of an upcharge for all-wheel drive — but remember: The two-wheel drive model is no penalty box. The single-motor EX30 is rear-wheel drive, not front. Here's the full pricing breakdown:

Single Motor Extended Range

  • Core - $36,245

  • Plus - $40,195

  • Ultra - $41,895

Twin Motor Performance

  • Plus - $46,195

  • Ultra - $47,895

Technically, the EX30 is $100 more expensive than we expected, but that's down to Volvo bumping up its destination fee for 2025. Hey, as Korzeniewski notes, they're still charging less to import an EX30 from overseas than Ford charges to ship an F-150 from Michigan, so we can't get too bent out of shape.

Presumably the assembled-in-China EX30 does not qualify for the federal tax credit.

Look for Volvo's bare-bones but stylish little electric crossover to hit dealerships in the first half of 2024; deposit holders will be able to configure their existing orders in the coming months.

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