Volvo XC60 R 6X6 Crashes Classic American Car Meet

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It’s a Swedish monster truck!

It’s amazing how many Americans don’t know some Swedes are hardcore American car fans, especially of muscle cars (and some Finns are, too). However, we’ve been told by some who live in that area of the world there’s some serious social tension between those who love a classic Camaro or Charger and those who think the only good car is one that’s safe and new. Maybe that’s at least in part why a Volvo XC60 R with three sets of wheels crashed a classic American car meet a little while ago.

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You can see in the included video the cameraman was originally recording footage of a Tri-Five and some other vehicles as they’re driving down the street, either leaving or arriving at a meet. However, the crazy Volvo 6X6 catches his eye because who does such a thing to a midsize crossover billed as a safe way to haul the kiddies to soccer practice?


We’ve seen our fair share of 6X6 conversions and they’re either done to luxurious European SUVs like the Mercedes G-Wagen or American trucks like the Ford Raptor or Jeep Wrangler. Admittedly, this is the first one we’ve seen bearing a Volvo badge.

Immediately, people are going to mock a Volvo trying to act manly. In a way it’s ironic considering the Volvo badge literally has the Mars symbol on its badge, a symbol which has stood for masculinity for some time. That’s not to say Volvo has lived up to that symbol, because it’s made quite a few not only funky but quite frankly wimpy cars.

Because of its reputation of supplying vehicles to those who are perhaps a little obsessed with safety above pretty much all else, it’s definitely odd to see this kind of modification. With the extended body, the builder decided to make a pickup bed in the rear, almost like this is the Swedish El Camino or Ranchero.

There are some other European cars on the street, so it’s not like the Volvo 6X6 was the only one out that night. Still, the build is so bizarre we’re going to be laughing about this one for some time to come. Check out the video for yourself.

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