VW Golf GTI Manual Is Dead after 2024

2024 volkswagen gti 380
The VW Golf GTI Manual Is Dead after 2024Volkswagen
  • 2024 will be the final year for manual-transmission-equipped Golf R and Golf GTI models in the United States.

  • The GTI 380 package comes standard on manual-transmission Golf GTI models.

  • The special-edition 380 model goes on sale this fall starting at $32,485.

Another blow to manual-transmission enthusiasts: The stick GTI is dead. At least it will be after the 2024 model year. Volkswagen is making a special edition for the current Golf GTI to celebrate the final year of manual transmission production. Coming on every standard-shift GTI, this special edition carries the GTI 380 badge.

This standard special package is more than just a sticker and embroidery kit. The Volkswagen GTI 380 models will come with a set of 19-inch alloy wheels and standard adaptive dampers. Of course, this package will also come with a golf-ball shift knob that helps you control the six-speed transmission.


Volkswagen is also pulling the manual transmission from its even more potent Golf R. That means neither Golf hatchback will see a manual transmission after 2024.

The Volkswagen GTI 380 S will start at $32,485 when it goes on sale this fall. The better-equipped GTI 380 SE starts at $40,625, with the range-topping R variant setting you back $40,625. These are all slight bumps over the current ’23 models but might be worth the extra cost for GTI devotees.

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