VW ID.3 Gets an Update, but Will We Ever See It Here?

the new id3 comes in spring with a sharpened exterior design
VW ID.3 Gets an Update, but Will We See It Here?VW
  • VW revealed a sketch of its upcoming, updated ID.3 electric hatch, which has been on sale in Europe and a number of other markets.

  • The updated VW ID.3 will go on sale in Europe next year, with VW introducing a number of changes to its exterior and interior.

  • VW is expected to go in a different direction for an affordable EV that will be sold stateside.

The Volkswagen ID.3 hasn't even been on sale that long—and odds are you haven't seen one in North America—but one of Wolfsburg's smallest EVs is due for a refresh. Come spring, Volkswagen will take the wraps off the "second generation" version of its electric hatchback, one that has become a solid sales success in Europe in record time.

That's right: This is an update, but VW is calling it a second-generation model, perhaps following the product cycle lengths of smartphones rather than cars.

"The new ID.3 demonstrates our commitment to quality, design, and sustainability. The design has matured, and we've upgraded the materials used in the interior," says Imelda Labbé, Volkswagen board member for sales, marketing, and after sales.

Among new bits inside, VW promises a redesigned 12-inch infotainment screen, Plug and Charge capability, and an EV route planner, among other items such as a center console with two cupholders and a removable luggage compartment floor.

"The needs of our customers are always front and center for us. That's why we listen carefully and focus on gearing our product portfolio to their requirements," Labbé added.

high quality and partly sustainable materials will characterize the interior
The interior of the ID.3 will receive a modest update as well, including a new infotainment screen.VW

Exterior design will receive a refresh as well, and if the official sketch shared by Wolfsburg is any indication, some of the ID.3 sharper edges will be rounded out.

However, buyers in Europe will still have to contend with the current realities of EV production: delays due to the ongoing chip shortage, which stymied ID.3 production very early on in the model's product cycle. VW did not hit optimal production at Zwickau for quite some time, just as demand for EVs surged during the early months of the pandemic.

"Due to the current supply situation for semiconductors and the existing order backlog, Volkswagen estimates that the ID.3 Pro models Life, Business, Style, Max and the ID.3 Pro S model Tour will not be delivered to customers before the fourth quarter of 2023," the automaker notes.

Of course, the biggest question for us when it comes to the ID.3 is whether we'll ever see it here.

Separate and apart from the ID.3, Volkswagen has revealed that it is working on an affordable, global model, intended to be priced below $25,000. The ID.Life concept would be a much more welcome addition to the lineup, featuring the body style of a pocket-sized crossover rather than a hatch. And that's perhaps the one to keep an eye on in the coming years, as VW slowly releases new electric models.

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