VW promises a super-small EV in two years for about $21,000

Less is more in the EV department, as Volkswagen confirms that it will build a super-compact electric hatchback estimated to be priced at about $21,000.

That dollar sign is a bit deceptive, as the car, if and when it arrives, likely won’t be made available in North America after in goes into production in 2025, but in countries where VW markets city cars like the Polo and the Up.

Affordability is the name of the game here, as the ID.1 would be an entry-level vehicle, and would be underpinned by the new front-wheel drive MEB platform architecture, as will the soon-to-be-announced VW “ID.2all” compact. The Germans have already revealed it plans to launch a total of 10 new electric cars by 2026.

Referring to the ID.1, Thomas Schäfer, head of the VW brand, has said, “It’s part of our DNA where Volkswagen has also a commitment that we all have to embrace, and we’re working on at full steam ahead. In the next couple of months we will be reporting on this.” The ID 1 is expected to be offered with a 243 horsepower motor and achieve a driving range of about 250 miles.

Schafer told CarScoops that development of a mini car like ID.1 would require economies of scale to insure profitability. Ostensibly he’s talking about offering a version of the car in Europe and elsewhere from VW’s sub-brands like Skoda and SEAT.