Waffle House Worker Claims Stolen Jeep Was A Birthday Tip

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Waffle House Worker Claims Stolen Jeep Was A Birthday Tip
Waffle House Worker Claims Stolen Jeep Was A Birthday Tip

We know from experience the people who work at Waffle House can be quite colorful and the same can be said of many customers, but a server’s story of getting a Jeep Liberty as a tip is still out there. Yet that’s precisely what she told police when they stopped her in the SUV which was reported stolen.

Excellent bad idea: mini jeeps.

According to Tulsa Police Department in Oklahoma, Angela Harrison told officers a former Waffle House customer recognized her at the gas station an hour before the traffic stop, giving her $10 and the Jeep Liberty since her 53rd birthday was coming up.


That was on April 1. The Jeep had been reported stolen before Christmas 2023 after the owner passed away earlier in the year. We can’t tell you how common it is for dead people’s vehicles to be stolen, it’s horrible.

Originally, the Jeep was tracked down thanks to Flock cameras in Tulsa. One got a hit on the license plate and police showed up to pull the vehicle over.

Upon hearing the story about a monster birthday tip given at a gas station, we can understand officers were likely skeptical. But detectives in the department were already hot on her trail. When they showed her a surveillance image of her in the Jeep, a photo which was captured back on January 14, Harrison couldn’t explain how that was.

Thankfully, the Jeep Liberty was returned to the dead man’s family in one piece. Harrison was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. She’ll either have her day in court or will reach some sort of plea agreement with the prosecutor.

We just want to know if she gets to keep serving customers at Waffle House.

Images via Tulsa Police Department/Facebook