Walmart Employee’s Stolen Mercedes S-Class Rolls Into Work

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Walmart Employee’s Stolen Mercedes S-Class Rolls Into Work
Walmart Employee’s Stolen Mercedes S-Class Rolls Into Work

A Walmart employee in Fayetteville, North Carolina woke up one morning to find his 1999 Mercedes-Benz S 320 missing. In a bizarre twist, the man found out from his boss that his car was parked at his place of employment just a few hours later, the thieves apparently going on a shopping spree in it.

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This strange tale unfolded on the morning of September 17, with the victim finding his S-Class was boosted at about 4 am, says the Fayetteville Police Department. Probably freaking out and calling police to report his beloved Mercedes was stolen, the guy didn’t go to work or call in sick. When his boss called at around 8:45 am to ask where he was, she didn’t believe his excuse because the man’s car was sitting in the parking lot.


What are the chances the car thieves would take the guy’s ride to his place of employment? Thankfully, the victim’s supervisor realized what was happening and called police. When officers arrived, they arrested three suspects and recovered the vehicle.

While searching the suspects, officers found multiple bank cards and driver’s licenses that weren’t theirs. As police reached out to the rightful owners of the cards, they learned those people had their cars broken into and items stolen. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the same three guys who stole the Mercedes were burglarizing vehicles in the area, taking whatever valuables they could.

For whatever reason, they were able to take the S-Class and decided to use it while going on a shopping trip using their other victims’ money. By a strange twist of events, the victim got his car back in short order. So the lesson is don’t shop at Walmart but do work there, or something like that.

Images via Fayetteville Police Department, Facebook