Watch A Semi-Truck Jump 166 Feet To A New World Record

·Editor at Large

It was “Evel Knievel Days” this weekend in Butte, Mont., which could only mean one thing: Crazy folk with their crazy toys were doing a whole bunch of crazy stunts — like Gregg Godfrey in his semi-truck, who jumped 166 feet to a new world record. 

Crazier still, Godfrey had only intended to jump 140 feet, and those additional 26 feet meant slowing the truck down — after the heavy landing blew his Knievel-inspired truck’s right front tire — wasn’t the easiest of tasks. Still, Godfrey avoided the building (just), and in the process doubled Mike Ryan’s record truck jump of 83 feet (although Ryan did achieve that with a trailer in tow, and he leaped over a moving Lotus F1 car). The previous official world record for a jumping semi-truck was a mere 62 feet.

All of which left Godfrey feeling a tad dazed: “I hit so hard, I think I’m concussed. I don’t think I’m all there,” he said, shortly after the stunt. In total, three world records were broken during the Days, and more to the point, Evel Knievel’s legacy lived on. 

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