Watch An Arkansas Trooper PIT A Suspect On A Bridge

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Watch An Arkansas Trooper PIT A Suspect On A Bridge
Watch An Arkansas Trooper PIT A Suspect On A Bridge

Arkansas State Police are known for being less than gentle with people who don’t pull over when commanded. They’ve been criticized by national news outlets for cases like the woman who was rushing her mother to the hospital, as if everyone who gets a driver’s license isn’t supposed to learn that when a cop signals you to pull over, you pull over and explain the situation. Well, the pearl clutching happened again when a trooper did a PIT on the I-40 bridge outside Memphis.

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Local news station ABC24 Memphis covered the situation, although they didn’t have much info. A traffic camera caught the moment the trooper did a PIT maneuver on the bridge, causing the suspect’s car to careen out of control, ultimately flipping onto the center wall.


If you squint, you might be able to make out what the object that flew off/out of the suspect’s vehicle and over the side of the bridge was. It wasn’t the driver, apparently, who reportedly ran from the crashed car and jumped over the side of the bridge later. Yeah, he ended up in the hospital after thinking he could do a Spider-Man move.

Police said they recovered an “AR-style rifle” around the area where a shooting was reported in West Memphis. The occupants of this car were reportedly shooting at homes, then led police on the chase. Sadly, someone is probably arguing why police shouldn’t have pursued the suspects.

We can’t wait to get the dashcam footage of this incident because the traffic camera is of horrible resolution. Some cities and counties have been investing in HD traffic cams, something we genuinely appreciate. Not only do they make for better viewing of these sorts of incidents but they provide better evidence about the possible cause of a crash, etc.

Anyway, check out the video shared by ABC24 Memphis even though it’s a bit fuzzy.