Watch This C4 Corvette Get Its First Wash in 25 Years

stauffer garage 1984 chevrolet corvette detail
Watch This C4 Corvette's First Wash In 25 YearsStauffer Garage

There will always be something fascinating about barn find cars. While sometimes the patina that comes from years of neglect can tell a distinct tale, there is a point where miscare becomes vehicular torture. This 1984 Chevrolet Corvette has had more than its fill over the years, having been abandoned in a car port by its owner for some 25 years. Thanks to YouTuber Stauffer Garage, we have a chance to watch this C4 Corvette return to a semblance of Radwood era glory.

After the C3 Corvette trudged on for 14 long years during the height of the Malaise Era, the C4 generation would arrive for 1984. The sports car utilized an entirely new chassis, and came with thoroughly modern styling to match. Under the hood sat a 5.7-liter L83 V-8 engine, which had initially arrived for the 1982 model year. Thanks to the Cross-Fire throttle body injection system, the V-8 was good for 205 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque. Not impressive by modern standards, but a real improvement over the 190 hp and 280 lb-ft provided by its predecessor. While the reason for the car being parked isn’t shared in the video, this injection system has been known to give owners fits in modern times. This particular Corvette also came equipped with the Doug Nash 4+3 four-speed manual gearbox. Other than a set of Ferrari-esque five-spoke wheels, the car looks to be largely stock under all of that grime.