Watch Carjackers Attack A Mother, Holding A Gun To Her Head

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Watch Carjackers Attack A Mother, Holding A Gun To Her Head
Watch Carjackers Attack A Mother, Holding A Gun To Her Head

A Chicago-area mother thought she was going to be killed when two young men with guns attacked her, holding a gun to her head. It turned out all they wanted was her car, but the entire scenario played out right in front of the woman’s daughter outside their home. If you watch this video you can hear the sheer terror in this woman’s scream. This has to stop.

Another carjacker held a gun to the head of a toddler to get the mother’s car.

The CBS News Chicago video report includes the woman bravely going on camera for an interview. So did the husband, who was also held at gunpoint. They didn’t have to do that but they did, probably to make a difference. We hope they do.

During the attack, the daughter thankfully was able to get away even though the dad couldn’t. She called 911 from inside the house, not knowing what the two armed men were doing to her parents. Surely she could hear the screaming. No child should endure that.


The thieves became upset because they can’t find the mother’s car keys. That’s when the husband tries placating them by giving the carjackers the keys to his car instead. Satisfied, the young men leave, thankfully not discharging their weapons out of frustration.

As the husband notes in the interview, he could tell with how the carjackers were treating his wife and daughter that they’re capable of hurting and killing people. Sadly, we bet they’ve been arrested before, probably multiple times. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn they had been arrested that same day. This happens all the time.

Crime has absolutely spiraled out of control in many metropolitan areas. What started as fun little marches and calls to defund the police has turned into electing prosecutors who don’t prosecute criminals aggressively, including violent offenders. That, combined with police departments which have been kneecapped financially and officers demoralized as they’re demonized on the news, and the end result is the worst elements of society believing they have free run to do whatever they want to the rest of us.

Something has to change. This is governance malpractice.