Watch a Cartoon News Anchor Trade Barbs With Trumpworld Favorites

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

Cartoon reporter Tyler Templeton, one of the stars of Stephen Colbert-produced Tooning Out the News, was back again this week with an episode from the Conservative Political Action Conference—taking shots at MAGA luminaries such as Mike Lindell, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Donald Trump Jr.

Ever since making its debut in spring 2020, the cartoon news program has repeatedly managed to outdo itself with each new episode and the caliber of names who have agreed to speak with the cartoon interviewer. This year’s CPAC was more of the same—a holy grail of equally bizarre interview subjects that he aptly described as “the biggest names in Dominion defendant lawsuits.”

First up was MyPillow king Mike Lindell, to answer a question about what his bank account is going to look like if the voting technology company’s billion-dollar defamation lawsuit proves successful. Templeton went so far as to make a bold suggestion: Innovate a new type of pillow that is “specially made for smothering judges.”


A visibly annoyed Lindell replied: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” before adding a quick: “You’re disgusting.”

Templeton also confronted Marjorie Taylor Greene, shouting: “I just wanted you to know your behavior at the State of the Union inspired me to heckle my brother-in-law’s funeral.” The barb seemed lost on the Georgia congresswoman, who was flanked by an entourage and simply walked on past.

Though Ron DeSantis garnered headlines with his snub of the typically star-studded event, Templeton made a crack at his expense, jokingly interviewing a trash can as if it were the Florida governor—who, Templeton said, was “way more charismatic in person.”

The cartoon reporter’s biggest get, however, came in the form of CPAC’s unofficial prom king and queen: Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle. “I love you and Don Jr.,” Templeton screamed to Guilfoyle at one point. “You’re like Jackie and John F. Kennedy if his head exploded with cocaine.”

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