Watch A Cop PIT A Dodge Ram To Hell

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Watch A Cop PIT A Dodge Ram To Hell
Watch A Cop PIT A Dodge Ram To Hell

When pursuits get too hairy for local police departments in Arkansas, they call in the big guns, Arkansas State Police. That’s precisely what North Little Rock Police did while chasing a suspect in a Dodge Ram, struggling to bring the pursuit to a close.

Watch Arkansas State Police perform a graceful PIT on a Dodge Ram.

As everyone has come to expect, an ASP trooper made short work of the Ram truck. He did so skillfully and without putting anyone else unnecessarily at risk.

You see in the dashcam footage the trooper is sitting on the side of the highway, then jumping into the chase when it snakes his way.


Surprisingly, the Dodge Ram isn’t going as fast as the ones which come up on you out of nowhere, hovering an inch from your rear bumper as you’re already doing 20 mph over the speed limit. The guy must not normally drive a Ram or just got it, because it hasn’t hijacked his way of interacting with everyone else on the road, yet.

Perhaps the guy is just counting on the toughness of his truck to see him through, instead of raw speed. Or he realizes getting pitted out at high speeds usually doesn’t turn out well for the fleeing suspect.

After one beautiful PIT, our Ram driver recovers and keeps on keeping on down the highway. He also accelerates to a higher speed, perhaps deciding his strategy of slower rolling wasn’t effective enough.

The chase blasts through a construction zone and the trooper wisely just keeps pace with the truck, realizing pitting it out again in that mess wouldn’t be wise. If only the suspect had remained so calm.

He ends up partly climbing a cement barrier, then rear-ending an innocent bystander all because someone else was hogging the left lane. So we’re back to regular Ram behavior.

Realizing the suspect is presenting an incredible danger to other people on the road, the trooper takes his shot and then some after they get past other vehicles. He PITs the Ram hard, the truck ending up on top of a cement barrier, sparks shooting out from the chassis as it grinds its way down.

Once the Ram leaves the barrier, it spins out with plenty more sparks, hitting the opposite line of barriers, doing the telltale Truffle Shuffle before the smoldering heap comes to a stop. We don’t always see PITs this brutal, but this guy sure seemed to warrant the treatment.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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