Watch Cops Hunt A Stolen Ford Bronco

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Watch Cops Hunt A Stolen Ford Bronco
Watch Cops Hunt A Stolen Ford Bronco

We’ve featured quite a few exciting car chases, but watching these sheriff’s deputies in Minnesota casually follow a reportedly stolen Ford Bronco is pretty interesting. The way they’re able to tail the suspects without triggering any suspicion shows off a skill that’s quite different from successfully pitting a suspect going over 100 mph.

Watch a suspect in a Nissan Altima try to ditch pursuing cops.

The target vehicle is a new Bronco, something we don’t see in police chases much but we have a funny feeling we will see more in the near future. Instead of just trying to run the off-road rig down, the deputies follow it, but not too closely, while coordinating for more of their colleagues to help intercept.

After the deputies follow for a while, the Bronco starts making a lot of turns quickly so the cops fall back some. Still, the suspects obviously sense a trap, so the original car backs off and that’s when the Bronco really takes off.


From there it’s a cat and mouse game through the streets of Minneapolis. Even though the suspects shake deputies several times, superior training and knowledge of the streets gives law enforcement an upper hand and they keep up with the stolen SUV’s movements. It’s really something to watch them work.

One of the deputies was able to throw some Stop Sticks in front of the Bronco, deflating the tires and bringing the car chase to an end. All the deputies swarmed the square block where the suspects fled from the stolen vehicle, which was left in overall good condition.

Two suspects were caught and apparently are well-known car thieves in the area. Sadly, they were probably both released and immediately went back to stealing cars.

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