Watch A Cybertruck Get Stuck Attempting To Ford A California River

Will it float? There’s only one way to find out. - Gif: @thedarklordchinchin4873 via YouTube
Will it float? There’s only one way to find out. - Gif: @thedarklordchinchin4873 via YouTube

The Tesla Cybertruck is a fascinating machine. It looks like it was designed by a child, has corners so sharp they leave owners stuck in the emergency room and, despite its rugged ambitions, appears to be stumped by everything from small ramps to puddles. Now, a Cybertruck has been caught out by a river in California.

The truck in question was spied attempting to cross a river in Azula Canyon by YouTube user @thedarklordchinchin4873. In a short posted to the platform, a massive Cybertruck is seen plowing into the river, which just about covers the wheels of the mammoth vehicle.

However, once it’s in the river, things for the Cybertruck begin taking a turn for the worse. It first tries to continue on its journey and head up the bank and out of the river. But that doesn’t work.


Then, the truck backs up with water up and around the base of its doors. With more of a run up, the truck tries to mount the bank once again and it does manage to make a little extra progress. Not quite enough, though, and the truck remains stuck in the river.

The Cybertruck takes one last crack at the bank before the video cuts out. This means that, for all we know, it could still be stuck in the river - after all, the clip was only posted a couple of days ago. Have you been in the area and seen it stranded there?

This clip of a Cybertruck stuck in Azula Canyon isn’t the first time a Cybertruck has been caught out by water. A video posted earlier this year showed another Tesla truck spluttering to a halt after attempting to ford a river and an owner claimed their Cybertruck was bricked by a local car wash just last month. Not great for a $100,000 truck that company boss Elon Musk claims can survive the apocalypse.

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