Watch A Fleeing Suspect PIT Himself

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Watch A Fleeing Suspect PIT Himself
Watch A Fleeing Suspect PIT Himself

Sometimes the trash takes itself out and it’s a beautiful thing. Normally we wouldn’t laugh about someone wrecking out while driving, but when it’s an abusive ex-boyfriend who’s caught chasing his ex-girlfriend down as she’s driving a moving truck, we have no sympathy.

Watch a Florida cop try to PIT a suspect and wreck out instead.

Understandably, the woman called in a panic as she was driving around Macomb, Illinois and her lovely ex just couldn’t understand she was done with him. You can see at the beginning of the dashcam footage he’s shadowing the U-Haul like a creep


It’s funny how Mr. Tough Man suddenly stops tailing the moving truck once a cop shows up and puts on his lights. Abusers are cowards and this guy is no exception.

Cowards don’t like facing the consequences of their actions, so this guy doesn’t pull his little Pontiac Grand Prix over after getting caught red handed. Instead, he does the cowardly thing and runs like a scared, small wimp.

He brings to bear all that power of the 6.4-liter V8, fleeing from police furiously. But the guy seriously lacks in the skills department, not only for relationships but also driving.

While he initially slips away by driving recklessly, blowing through red lights, etc. deputies eventually catch up on the open road as the guy pushes the Pontiac to over 100 mph. What exactly his plan is, other than escaping consequences, isn’t exactly clear.

His plan has a fatal flaw, literally. As a deputy pulls up with his cruiser’s nose right by the rear quarter panel of the Pontiac, the suspect swerves right into the cop, pitting himself. As the Grand Prix launches off the road, the abusive ex-boyfriend gets catapulted out, probably because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Now the woman doesn’t have to worry about him harassing her anymore.

Image via Great Lakes Chases/YouTube

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