Watch the Ford Bronco Raptor Hit the Dunes

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Photo credit: YouTube / The Bronco Nation
Photo credit: YouTube / The Bronco Nation
  • The Ford Bronco Raptor was spotted testing at the sand dunes.

  • Ford's Bronco Raptor shows wider fender flares and sounds like it still has a turbocharged V6.

  • The Ford Bronco Raptor is expected to officially debut sometime next year, and hit dealers before the end of the year.

Ford’s F-150 Raptor has established Ford’s desert-destroying prowess and cemented itself into car culture. The nearly Baja-ready pickup also established “Raptor” as Ford’s de facto off-road brand. That means that it only makes sense to take the off-road-ready Ford Bronco and turn it into a desert monster, as well. And while we expected Ford to roll the Raptor badge to the Bronco, we finally have proof that it exists.

The folks at Bronco Nation spent some time with Ford’s latest off-road toy and had a chance to see what it was like off-road. This test site is likely well under the Bronco Raptors limit but it does show what it’s like in its natural habitat. This test footage also shows some of the cosmetic changes making their way to the Bronco Raptor despite the camouflage wrap.

The most obvious change over the standard Bronco: the fender flares. The larger fender flares on the hint at a wider track width, which should help you better manage off-road conditions. Considering it is a Raptor, it’s safe to assume that there’s a revised suspension underneath, likely supported by Fox shocks. The lack of a V8’s rumble is also noted, which also follows in the F-150 Raptor’s footsteps. Though, the pickup is expected to see a V8-version of the Raptor sooner than later.

We’re still waiting for official confirmation on the Ford Bronco Raptor, but we’re expecting that to come early next year, with the 2023 Bronco Raptor hitting dealers by the end of the year. It’s also safe to assume that the Bronco Raptor will unseat the First Edition as the most expensive Bronco when it hits dealers.

Do you think the Bronco Raptor is going to be a success? Or will it go the way of the dinos?