Watch This Guy Drift a $25-Million Ferrari on Ice Like It's No Big Deal

ferrari 250 tr drifitng on ice
Watch This Guy Drift a $25-Million Ferrari on IceVarryx - YouTube

Ultra-rare collector cars like this 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa usually don't get out much. Because they're so valuable, they spend the majority of their lives sitting in climate-controlled garages, save for the odd appearance at top-level concours events throughout the year. But not this TR.

YouTuber Varryx caught this '58 Testa Rossa participating in The Ice, an exotic car gathering that happened in February in Saint Moritz, a town nestled in the Swiss Alps. What's different about this gathering is cars are encouraged to go out onto an ice track to perform for the crowd, giving onlookers an unusual (and spectacular) show that they'd never otherwise see.


Thankfully the driver of this Columbo V-12-powered 250 TR—a real example worth about $40 million, according to the video's publisher—doesn't hold anything back when he gets the car out onto the ice. The car is sideways at all times, its 12 cylinders wailing as it spits chunks of snow from its rear tires. We salute them.

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