Watch A Honda Accord Run From The Repo Man

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Watch A Honda Accord Run From The Repo Man
Watch A Honda Accord Run From The Repo Man

Being in a situation where you’re so far behind on car payments your ride is up for repossession is a truly awful thing. That said, the way to make things worse is to not face the music, hide the vehicle, and act like everything is just fine. We see this play out over and over as people try stopping repo men any way they can, especially by using hysterics.

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But what we have today is someone who went above and beyond to avoid the repo man, getting into a chase. It’s not quite like a police chase since the tow truck driver can’t legally PIT them out, and why would he want to? Part of the point is to protect the bank’s asset, or whatever value is left in the Honda Accord.


Things start out nice and calm as the repo guy drives by the house to see if he can spot the car. GPS is pinging in the area and he’s seeing if they can just quickly snag the vehicle since the person who thinks it’s theirs keeps dodging him and his peers.

But as he’s doing that, the Accord comes down the road going the opposite direction. The driver must automatically be paranoid upon seeing a tow truck because it immediately turns into a chase. What this debtor doesn’t realize is there are multiple tow trucks from the same company in the neighborhood, all of them coordinating over the radio.

Since the Honda has a GPS unit installed by the bank, a fairly common practice these days, the repo man doesn’t have to follow too closely. Eventually, the debtor doubles back to her house and tries arguing with two repo guys about how she doesn’t have to turn the Honda over. We’re not familiar with repo laws in Texas, but they apparently were getting police involved as a stolen car situation.

Eventually they’re able to talk some sense into this woman as she’s on the phone with the bank. That means no senseless destroying the Accord by trying to drive it off the tow truck boom or anything like that.

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