Watch A Karen Unload On A Cop Back In 1992

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Watch A Karen Unload On A Cop Back In 1992
Watch A Karen Unload On A Cop Back In 1992

Some people, perhaps the younger members of society, seem to be under the impression that Karens are a recent thing. We can tell you they’ve always been around, although they certainly seem to have either become louder or more plentiful as of late. This dashcam footage from Maine way back in 1992 proves that Karens were unloading on cops way back then.

Cadillac driver flees traffic stop to the perceived safety of home.

In this instance we have a male Karen who allegedly was caught blasting 29 mph over the speed limit in the area of Lincoln. No doubt the trooper expects this speedy Dodge Raider driver to be upset at being pulled over, but there’s no way he was entirely ready for the verbal onslaught he was about to endure.


Right off the bat this guy starts just ranting like a lunatic, calling the trooper expletives and playing victim. He sounds so much like the voice actor who played George Steinbrenner in Seinfeld and uses some of the same gestures as the actor we only ever saw from behind that it’s downright hilarious. This is the most toddler adult male we’ve ever observed.

Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy? He just rants, says he’s not in a hurry but acts like he needs to get to the hospital before he bleeds out. The trooper meets this energy with a folksy charm that’s downright calming, making for quite the stark contrast.

What really gets us is how the driver reaches out and hits the trooper’s citation pad multiple times during the exchange, including right at the beginning. We know a lot of cops back then and now would’ve been all too eager to just arrest the guy for assault. How this trooper just blew that off along with the verbal sewage spewed by this guy is a mystery.

Maybe he was laughing at this man mentally the entire time or realized he was getting some golden dashcam footage to show to all the guys at the station later?  What he says at the end makes us think he was.

This footage sure makes for entertaining viewing now, so check it out for yourself.

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