Watch: Marcus Freeman’s first day as Notre Dame coach

·1 min read

By now, you likely have seen the videos of Marcus Freeman’s introduction as Notre Dame coach to his players and his first speech. They tug at your heartstrings and pump you up to make you feel invincible at the same time. However, you might not have seen a broader version of what Freeman’s first official day at the helm of the football program looked like. Fortunately, a camera crew was around Freeman during the day to capture it all:

From Freeman getting a history lesson from Jack Swarbrick about Notre Dame Stadium to the random moments of cuteness from his daughter, there is nothing about this video not to like. Yes, there will be times when Irish fans question Freeman’s strategies and maybe even if he was qualified to take over this program, but those are for another day. Right now is the time to appreciate and love everything about this man and the people around him. The wholesomeness surrounding all of this is what college football sorely lacks right now.

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