Watch Metallica's Rob Trujillo play Black Sabbath's Hand Of Doom with his wife Chloe on vocals and his daughter Lullah on drums

 The Trujillo family onstage in LA
The Trujillo family onstage in LA

Earlier this week, Robert Trujillo took to the stage alongside his wife and daughter for a wholesome family rendition of Black Sabbath 1970 track Hand Of Doom.

The performance took place on March 28 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and saw the Metallica bassist jam out with his wife Chloe on vocals microphone and his daughter Lullah on drums as part of the venue’s Ultimate Jam Night. The Trujillo family were joined on the cover by Ministry guitarist Cesar Soto.

Across the evening, there were a number of performances from other big name musicians such as Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, as well as members of Whitesnake, Dirty Honey, Palaye Royale and more.

Hosted by comedian, musician and VH1 host Hal Sparks, this week’s Ultimate Jam Night was held in aid of Animal Tracks, a Southern California sanctuary for endangered animals.

Animal Tracks works on rescuing exotic animals, many of which have come from the illegal pet trade. A statement on their website reads: “Our job is to give them the best possible life in captivity while sharing their amazing attributes and superpowers with the public. We seek to undo the harm that has been done. Through proper care, space, and love from our staff and community we are giving them a new lease on life.”

Speaking about the charity, Ultimate Jam Night founder and Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright explains: "Animal Tracks is a unique southern Californian treasure. Staffed by dedicated volunteers under the direction of trained exotic animal experts, Animal Tracks takes hard-to-place endangered animals and gives them a last-chance home and care. Otherwise, these beautiful creatures would be destroyed."

Launched back in 2015, Ultimate Jam Night showcases music, performance art and more, all completely unrehearsed, in aid of various community organisations and charitable causes. 

Watch the Trujillo family killing it below, in footage filmed by YouTuber Jessica Chase: