Watch New Mexico Police Put The Smack Down On Some Carjackers

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Watch New Mexico Police Put The Smack Down On Some Carjackers
Watch New Mexico Police Put The Smack Down On Some Carjackers

Sadly, carjackings have been on the rise in many parts of the country in recent years. It’s a heinous crime since criminals often take vehicles at gunpoint, traumatizing their victims and sometimes outright killing them. What’s even worse is when carjackers target someone with kids in the car, which was exactly what these two suspects in Los Lunas, New Mexico did. Thankfully, police were tracking their every move and dropped the hammer to prevent the worst from happening.

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Everything starts with police spotting a stolen vehicle which we believe is a Hyundai. That’s not a shock since those have been hot theft targets for some time. The two suspects were riding through the desert on dirt roads after ditching a cop who attempted a traffic stop, probably thinking they were in the clear, completely unaware of the helicopter tracking their every movement.


What they also didn’t know was an officer in an unmarked truck was waiting to spike their tires, which he did successfully. Once they realized the tires were deflated, the two suspects decided to pull in front of another vehicle, carjacking the mother with her child.

The best advice we can give you in a situation like this is to not get out of your vehicle like this woman did if someone’s acting erratically like this. She probably thought the two guys needed help or something, but almost paid a horrible price for her kindness.

Thankfully, officers swooped in and quickly took control, one of them pointing a less-lethal shotgun at the driver’s chest while another officer holds his sidearm pointed right at the driver’s head. How someone doesn’t just give up right then is beyond us.

Like a true victim, the lead carjacker who was in the driver’s seat immediately makes the arrest all about his comfort and security. When that doesn’t work, he tries pleading with officers to not do anything to him in front of the kid, like he actually cares. Hardened criminals are by nature manipulative, so when we hear them crowing about this and that while getting arrested, like how their wrist hurts or something like that, we feel just like how one officer responded:

“You can’t carjack someone with kids and have us not do this to you!”

The guy also appears to keep reaching for something in his waistband as they try getting him out of the car and cuffing him, even though he swears he has no weapons on him. We know from firsthand experience dealing with repeat offenders that you can’t trust their supposed promises, especially in a life-or-death situation.

Check out the footage for yourself.