Watch Michael Mann's Ferrari Trailer and Its Big Movie Drama

michael mann ferrari
Watch Michael Mann's Ferrari Trailer and ExplodeNEON Films

If you, like me, watched Ford v Ferrari and were miffed at how few men cried onscreen, mourning the untimely death of their son, or were annoyed at how there wasn't any footage of Penélope Cruz sitting silently and crying or throwing groceries and also crying, it looks like Michael Mann's Ferrari is set to right those cinematic wrongs.

This, of course, sells Ford v Ferrari short. Its most memorable scene is the one when The Deuce cries after Shelby takes him on a test drive and he is shattered by the raw power of the GT40. It's a good bit! But it looks like a pale shadow in the face of Mann's high drama with Adam Driver at its center.

I am excited at the prospect of a film that includes not only great scenes of crying and marital unease but also open-gated shifters and open-wheel race cars exploding. After all, we don't love Michael Mann's Heat just for its action set-pieces taking over the streets of Los Angeles. We love it for extended scenes of Al Pacino wearing large suits, tiny sunglasses, and spiraling through the dissolution of his marriage in a post-modernistic bullshit house.


This is the Michael Mann promise. You will see cool car stuff, but you will also watch the great actors of a generation have catastrophic meltdowns onscreen.

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