WATCH: Phillies' J.T. Realmuto ejected for basically no reason

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WATCH: This Realmuto ejection is absolutely insane originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Hey baseball fans! Do you want to see the dumbest ejection of the year? It's only March 27, but we've already got the winner.

The Phillies played the Blue Jays on Monday in their penultimate spring training matchup, a breezy little afternoon game to get ready for the season opener on Thursday. No stakes, everything's chill. The Phillies led 4-0.

And then, for some reason, home plate umpire Randy Rosenberg decided to run Phils catcher J.T. Realmuto for what seems to be a brief, innocuous misunderstanding.

Watch this and judge for yourself:

Completely insane, no two ways around it.

The interaction came right after a call that Craig Kimbrel didn't care for, so it's possible Rosenberg thought Realmuto was sticking up for his pitcher by big-timing him after the call. But it seems excruciatingly clear that Realmuto simply didn't think the ball was coming.

What a dork. Just a total knee-jerk goober reaction from a guy who clearly felt some type of way. It's spring training, bud. Call balls and strikes and go home.

It's a good thing this game didn't matter. I'm not a robot ump guy, but every time human umps needlessly insert themselves into a game it's harder and harder to make the argument against the machines.