Watch Police Chase A Suspect Fleeing Through A Blizzard

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Watch Police Chase A Suspect Fleeing Through A Blizzard
Watch Police Chase A Suspect Fleeing Through A Blizzard

Most people try to drive carefully in snowstorms for obvious reasons. With visibility decreased and traction compromised, speeding down the road is a bad idea. Occasionally you’ll find someone with all-wheel or four-wheel drive who thinks that entitles them to drive like normal, which is what appears to be the case at first with this Chevy Tahoe.

Suzuki Hayabusa has been built for playing in the snow.

The Tahoe blasts through an area where two cars are stuck in the snowy median, including a Ford Mustang. As two troopers joke about people trying to drive Mustangs in blizzards the Chevy just comes barreling through like a bull in a China shop.


After the Tahoe rolls beyond the stuck vehicles and the wrecker trying to extract them from the snow, it slows to a stop. The trooper catches up and obviously thinks this is just a case of a slide-off or someone who got confused.

But just as suddenly as the SUV rolled past the troopers, it starts fleeing down the snowy highway and the trooper gives chase. This is far riskier than a usual police pursuit because of the weather conditions, adding to the tension.

Thankfully, the Chevy driver suddenly pulls over, perhaps realizing how risky it is to run from the cops on the slick road. Had he kept going, he might have been the one needing a rescue, or worse.

Running from police even in the best of conditions on an empty road is stupid. But running from the cops in slippery winter conditions is doubly stupid. The trooper sounds more than done with the situation by the time she gets up to the suspect’s vehicle and something tells us she wrote up every charge she could think up.

The suspect ultimately was convicted of felony fleeing and eluding as well as driving under the influence.

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