Watch Police Rescue A Drunk Driver From Her Burning Range Rover

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Watch Police Rescue A Drunk Driver From Her Burning Range Rover
Watch Police Rescue A Drunk Driver From Her Burning Range Rover

Vehicle fires are scary situations. The very things which normally keep you safe like the safety cell, doors, and windows can turn into a prison as a fire threatens to ignite the gas tank and really get things cooking. That’s in part what makes this bodycam footage of police rescuing of a woman from a burning Range Rover such a nail biter.

Cubed ’67 Shelby GT500 is a pure heartbreak.

When the first officer rolls up, he finds as he runs toward the overturned luxury SUV that there’s someone inside. After hitting the fire with is extinguisher, he walks around to see through a windshield a woman almost in the fetal position.

Image via Drive Thru Tours/YouTube
Image via Drive Thru Tours/YouTube

As he explains that he’ll break the sunroof to get her out, she doesn’t respond to his request to crawl into the backseat. One could easily ascribe her behavior to shock and/or panic, but we learn later it might be those emotions swirled with alcohol consumption.


For what it’s worth, the officers struggle to break through the Range Rover’s sunroof. Land Rover obviously makes them quite durable, which is great during a rollover and maybe a few other scenarios like Bigfoot trying to bust into your vehicle, but it poses a challenge for an emergency extraction like this.

Eventually, the one officer is able to peel the Range Rover’s roof like a grape.

After extracting the woman from the Range Rover, officers find an almost empty bottle of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio between her legs. That helps explain how she crashed on someone’s front lawn and why she was largely uncooperative with her rescue.

We later learn neighbors saw the Range Rover accelerating in reverse, spinning in circles as it hit a light pole, electrical box, mailboxes, etc. This is why drinking and driving is never a good idea.

Images via Drive Thru Tours/YouTube